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Lip Blush Training

Lip Blush Training


What you will learn

This is an intensive 2-day (~16-hour) private course which will suit artists with any level of proficiency (both beginners and experienced) to harness the intricacies of the lip bush.
This method of permanent makeup is relatively new. I'll teach you how to create the most natural looking and borderless lip tattoo.


Lunch is included!


What we'll cover


    •    Basic techniques
    •    Safety and sanitation
    •    Workspace setup
    •    Tool variation and procedure details
    •    Color theory
    •    Melanin-rich (dark) lips correction technique
    •    Exercise on latex
    •    Practice on 2 live model
    •    Free first 3 month support


Training kit includes:


    •    Machine + Power supply
    •    Needle cartridges
    •    5 lip pigments
    •    1 color corrector
    •    Topical numbing cream
    •    Secondary numbing gel
    •    Latex skin for practice
    •    Lip design pencil
    •    Protective supplies
    •    AfterCare ointment
    •    Ink holders and pigment cups 
    •    Manual, writing supplies for making notes during the class

I'll provide you with everything you need to start working right after completing the course.

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